Two rebel and broke blondes decide to hold up a bank.

Pamela, the most experimented, explains her plan in detail to Betty the novice. That very day, both blondes  meet up in their car, in front of the bank, with the engine running.

Pamela says to her partner: - Betty, I want to be sure you understood well the plan, because I won't be in the bank telling you what you have to do: you have to stay no more than three minutes in the bank. It's OK? - I perfectly understood, answers Betty.

 Betty enters the bank, while Pamela waits in the seat of her car. One minute passes, two minutes... Ten minutes, and still no Betty in sight. Finally, at the end of fifteen minutes, Betty arrives, laboriously crawling behind her a safety deposit box tied with a string.

After several seconds needed for the blondes to place the safety deposit box in the car's back, the bank's guard bursts out of the establishment, with difficulties though, because he has his pants and underpant on his ankles.

At the moment he is ready to fire the two blondes, her car is already far away.

Pamela gets angry:
-You are really a blonde Betty, I thought you understood the plan!.
-But... of course I did. I have done exactly what you told me!.
-Not at all idiot! I said the CONTRARY:  Pump the money and tie the guard...!

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