Little Simon at the brothel

Simon crosses the hottest city's neighbourhood with his father driving.
- Dad, what are the ladies doing on the sidewalk ?
Embarrassed, the father gets out of it by side-stepping the question:
- They sell happiness.
Back at home, Simon reflects that he would like to buy a bit of happiness. He breaks his piggy bank, take his 20 dollars bill and leaves the house in order to meet the ladies.
Once arrived in the right street, he heads toward the first lady, offers her the bill and asks her for some happiness.
The professionnal is a little disconcerted. She tries to avoid breaking the law since a long time, but in the other hand, she cannot turn 20 dollars away in this crisis time. She brings Simon to her house, prepares him three nutella toasts.
At the end of the day, Simon goes back home, where his worried parents ask him what happened. He looks at his father, and tells him that he left the house to buy some happiness from the ladies that the father showed him from the car.
Horrified, the father asks Simon what really happened and he answers:
- No problem with the first two, but for the third I could not stand it anymore, so I only licked it...

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